Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer challenge - week 3

Hmmmm week three.  Well I haven't seen the results I have been hoping for yet and it has gotten me a little down.  The thing is my weight loss goal is completely obtainable.  I have all the power I need to accomplish my goal, but maybe my time frame is a little too ambitious.  While I would love to lose 10 pounds by September 17 I can't allow myself to get discouraged if it doesn't happen.  My overall goal is to get into a productive and consistent workout routine and eat healthier - which will lead to weight loss.  I really can't put a deadline on my overall goal.  I have to keep reminding myself that doing the best that I can every day is all I can ask of myself.  I tend to really beat myself up when I don't workout every day I plan to or I eat a couple things that I know I shouldn't but all that does is focus on the negative.  What about all the other days I have stuck to my plan?  I can't dwell on the times I haven't done my best because that just keeps me looking into the past.  I need to focus on the future and doing the best that I can every day.  So here is my week three summary:

Workouts: 4
Food Journal: maintained 6 entries
Thought of the Week: Ugh, this is hard:(

P.S. I will try to do some more exciting stuff in between each of these posts because they are kinda boring.  I will have a fun labor day post up soon!