About Me

My name is Megan Fournie.  My last name used to be Noyes - spelled no yes, which is kinda cool.  I have been living in New York City on the upper east side with my husband Kevin for 3 1/2 years.  Sometimes it feels like I have been here forever but other times I can hardly believe I actually live here.  It is a crazy city so full of life and energy.  You can get anything you need at any hour, there are a billion different places to eat, people are always up and about, and there is never a shortage of amazing culture to experience. 

I really love living in NYC at the moment though I am truly a country girl at heart.  I grew up in Lakeville way up in the northwest corner of Connecticut.  I have lived on a boarding school campus most of my life - my dad is an art teacher there.  Now my parents spend most of their time at the house we own on top of a mountain about 10 minutes from the school.  I absolutely love escaping from the city and heading to Lakeville on the weekend.  Kevin and I spend those weekends grilling up grass-fed meat, eating fresh veggies from the garden, playing golf (only Kev, golf is not my thing) and hanging around with my parents watching the chickens, the cats and the dog roam around.  It is truly heaven!

Sooooooooo Kevin is a huge (and amazing) part of my life.  September 17, 2010 was our 4 year (dating) anniversary and he proposed!!!  Of course I said YES!  We started dating at the beginning of senior year at Skidmore College.  We had similar friends so we knew of each other since freshman year but we were never close friends - we even lived on the same floor at one point and apparently I wouldn't say hi to him (I don't remember us living on the same floor, oops).  I think I first noticed him because of the Toyota 4-Runner with a big Yamaha roof rack he used to tear around in (music blasting).  He had a couple Phish stickers on his car and I knew he was someone I would like.  Senior year we ended up living in apartments right next to each other and the rest is history:)  He is the love of my life and I couldn't imagine what I would do without him.

Kevin and I plan to stay in New York for a while but dream of moving up to Westchester when we decide to start a family..  We can't move too far away from the city because Kevin needs to stay close for work.  He is a gemologist and purchasing director for a sapphire company - yes it is a super cool job and I am super lucky to receive the incredible gifts he gives me.  I hope to use this blog to chronicle all our adventures together and my attempts to be fashionable in a city overflowing with style.