Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a new year

I have decided that 2012 is going to be MY year... I am gonna get stuff done and make stuff happen!  Last year I wrote my new year resolutions and failed on pretty much all of them... lame.  This year I have to be different, I have to do the work to stick to my resolutions because I owe it to myself to become a better version of me.  Here is what I am going to accomplish (not hope to accomplish) in 2012:

1. Finish writing thank you notes from our wedding.  I am so embarrassed to even write that down... its pathetic that Kevin and I haven't finished them yet so I am going to do my best to get them done this week... by Sunday night they will be done!  Or at least the ones I have to do will be done... Kev has his to write too.

2. Get myself into the best shape of my life.  I had lofty plans for last year... to lose the almost 20 pounds I have gained over the past 2 years... and it NEVER HAPPENED.  I do think I looked gorgeous on my wedding day but I am so upset with myself for not being in better shape.  This year I have to get my body back... I want to fit into all my clothes again, I wanna be able to wear whatever I want, I want to feel good about my body... it's gonna take a lot of work and sacrifice but I have to do it. 

3. Make a major dent in my credit card debt.  I have been doing a great job with this over the past 3 months.  My credit cards are off limits.  Goodbye CC debt!

4. Make our apartment feel like our home.  I have made a lot of progress with this.  I want to update our couch pillows, finish hanging artwork (some is getting framed, other stuff hasn't been ordered yet and some stuff is at my parent's house so this could take a while), update our bedding and get rid of all our junk.  I want to do an apartment tour later this year... only when the apartment looks good enough though ;)

5. Carve out more alone time with my hubby.  I don't mean just lying on the couch either... I want to take more NYC walks, take a cooking class, maybe visit a new city.  We will have our first major vacation together in just over a month... our HONEYMOON... and we couldn't be more excited!!!

6. Spend more quality time with friends.  Maybe a GIRLS TRIP!!!

7. Be more patient.

8. Enjoy the present.  I tend to always look into the future so I want to focus on enjoying where I am right now.

9.  Be a better blogger!  I have been so sporadic with my blogging this year.  I am not doing a very good job documenting everything and I want to be better.  So my first few posts this year will be a New Years recap and the last few wedding posts.

I am looking forward to this year... we will go our honeymoon, celebrate friend's engagements (helping plan weddings I hope), celebrate at our friend's wedding, celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  This year is gonna be MY year!


Anna said...

so first, Congrats on your marriage! :) second, your blog is adorable, keep up the good work! Third, one of my biggest regrets is only finishing about half my thank you notes after I got married...good goal.