Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wedding - Family & Wedding Party Portraits

Kevin and I felt so blessed to be surrounded by our friends and families on our wedding day.

I know I would not have been able to pull off this wedding without the help of my incredible parents - I love them so much.

My brothers were my "bridesmen."  It was extremely important to have them by my side on my wedding day because they are two of my best friends.  

Seriously love these girls soooooo much!!!

Kevin had quite the dapper (and hilarious) group of groomsmen.  His brother was his best man.

I am so happy to officially be a part of Kevin's family (and an Aunt!).  They welcomed me with open arms from the very beginning and I love them all.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

So pretty, I love the flowers!

le sorelle said...

What beautiful photos! You look STUNNING! The two of you make such a beautiful couple! So nice that you're so close with your families as well! :)


Fit With Flash said...

great looking fam! i see what you mean about the purple... i'm loving that and yellow lately! : ) happy new year!

Kristal said...

What a beautiful wedding! Great pictures! I am in the planning process and I am loving it! New follower!

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