Monday, May 23, 2011

wedding shoe dilemma

Here are my two favorites... which ones do I choose???????

**Update: I chose the BHLDN shoes and I love them, they are so beautiful, simple and comfortable.  I will definitely be wearing them long after the wedding.**

Thursday, May 19, 2011

bachelorette night!

**warning: image heavy**

This Saturday was my bachelorette night!!!  It was the BEST NIGHT EVER!!!  Thank you Cobe, Marissa and Claudia for planning such an unforgettable night.
I met the girls (Cobe, Marissa and Claudia) at our hotel (Gild Hall) in the financial district and then we hurried off to Bella Bridesmaid to look for bridesmaid dresses.  We found a gorgeous Melissa Sweet dress that I couldn't be more excited about.  Everyone is going to look GORGEOUS!
The plan for the night was to get all dressed up, meet the rest of the girls at STK House for dinner and then go to Tanjune for some dancing.  We had a delicious dinner at STK with lots of yummy cocktails.  I couldn't stop smiling looking around the table at all the amazing girls that came out to celebrate me:)
(Marissa, Cobe and Claudia)
(Beth and I)
(Jenna and Alex)
(Claudia and Lauren)
After dinner we walked over to the bar for some more drinks and mingling.  Tanjune is right next door and didn't open till 11 so we had some time to kill.  At this point the penis/bachelorette paraphernalia was out in full force, hehe.

We were gonna head over to Tanjune but it was crazy getting in so we decided to just head back to the bar at STK to drink and dance there.  At some point we decided to leave and go to Pacha.  By this time everything was getting a little fuzzy, hehe.  Pacha is a raging house club, absolutely nuts.  I don't think we lasted very long there. 

Cobe, Claudia and I headed back to the hotel after about an hour at Pacha.  Cobe went up to bed but Claudia and I sat in the lobby to order pizza, chat with everyone who walked by and take pictures of course!
It was seriously the best night I could have asked for.  Thank you so much Cobe, Marissa and Claudia for planning everything.

On Sunday C, C and I went to Meade's for brunch... they have a $12.95 all you can drink special (crazy right?).  Needless to say many mimosas were had and we Claudia did a little Hipstamatic photo shoot.

I am so lucky to have such great girlfriends!!!  I love you all!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

i can't stop myself

I just came across these and my heart skipped a beat, literally skipped a beat.  I am in love.  
I must own these!
(photos 1, 2 and 3 via)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

having a DV by Dolce Vita moment

Simply DYING over these!!!

Toni - Coral Suede

Pali - Desert

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

currently craving

The Bridgewalk Sandal from Madewell

The Sidecar Wedge Sandal by Matt Bernson

Thursday, May 5, 2011

upstate adventure

I have to admit that I have been staring at this post for 3 days and haven't been inspired to finish it.  Then I realized that I was trying too hard.  So here is the simple version of this past weekend (it was a great one).

The main reason for going away this weekend was to attend the Sagamore's Grand Wedding Menu Tasting.  We were so excited to try all the food and oh man was it delicious.  We have our whole wedding menu already planned out!  It feels great to keep checking stuff off our mile long wedding to do list.  My dad and my wedding coordinator came to the tasting.  It was so great to have them both there to help make the decisions about the food.  I also loved being able to show my dad around the Sagamore since he hadn't been there before, too bad my mom couldn't be there too!

After the tasting Kevin and I had some drinks at the bar and played banangrams (it's becoming a tradition for us).

We also took advantage of being in the area and checked out a couple possible rehearsal dinner venues that Tom and Cyndi were kind enough to find for us.  We chose the most amazing castle with a bird's eye view of Lake George.  I know our guests are going to love it!

The weather on Saturday and Sunday was absolutely perfect!  Kev and I are praying to have the same weather for our wedding.  Fingers crossed everyone!