Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a very PHISHIN' new year!

When Phish is in town Kevin and I will be there.  Phish's New Years runs are always pretty amazing.  This year Phish decided not to do a fall tour so it was clear that we would be in for some pretty epic New Years shows. 

We went 4 nights in a row.  It was the absolutely incredible but so exhausting.  Kevin and I have decided we are getting too old to hang like we used to... sad but true.

Phish always does something amazing on New Years Eve.  Last year a ton of Broadway dancers danced to the song Meatstick on stage while Phish soared over the crowd in their hotdog from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (this must sound so weird to someone who doesn't know Phish, haha). 
(pic from last year)

This year a dozen people on the floor got hoisted up in the air and danced around.

These 4 shows brought my show count is now up to 25!  Can't wait for the next one!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubby!!!

Today is my husband's 27th birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have quite the night planned and it is sure to be one hell of a party!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wedding - Husband & Wife

Let's end this wedding series with my favorite wedding photos of Kevin and I.  Jagger Photography is truly amazing.  I love every single photo they took so much.  I cannot thank them enough for capturing the best day of our lives so beautifully!

Who knew we could look so good!

I am so happy to be married to the love of my life.  I love him so much!

I'll throw in a shot of our rings for good measure:)

 This concludes my wedding recap.  It truly was the wedding of my dreams and I am so looking forward to what life has in store for us!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wedding - Reception

Our wedding reception was a rockin' party!  Everyone had the best time!!!

The introductions were hilarious.  Kevin decided early in the planning process that he was going to write little one liners about each member of our wedding party for the DJ to announce as each person entered.  We kept them a secret so the looks on everyone's faces were hilarious. 

We danced our first dance to Is This Love by Corrinne Bailey Rae (it's an original Bob Marley song).

It was so hard to have a moment to talk to everyone there... I did my best but I know there are a couple people that I never had a moment with... I feel bad about that but oh well.  

My dad's speech was the best... and I am not just saying that because he is my dad.  There were many tears and lots of laughter.  People could not stop talking about it!  I think my dad kinda stole the show:)

After dinner my brothers played a few songs - they are both extremely talented musicians.  My dad joined them for a song as well.  This was one the most meaningful moments of the night for me.  I love my family SO MUCH.  To see them up there singing on my special day truly meant the world to me.  I even get a little teary now just thinking about it. 

Then we cut the cake.

I danced with my dad to Moondance played by my brothers.

Kevin danced with his mom to Have I Told You Lately That I Love You.

Then the dance party started.  Our DJ was incredible.  For the first song he got all the couples up to dance with each other - the perfect way to get everyone on the dance floor right away.  The dance floor was packed the entire night!

The whole evening was such a blur!!!  I honestly feel like I can't even remember half of it.  I have never had so much fun.  Countless wedding guests told me that it was the best wedding they have ever been to - they are still telling me this.  I can even describe how much it means to me to hear that.  I spent a whole year pouring my heart and soul into our wedding and it was so worth it!

Last wedding post next (my favorite): Husband & Wife

Friday, January 6, 2012

Wedding - Details

I spent so much time thinking about all the details of our wedding day and I could not be happier with how everything came out!

Our wedding theme was Adirondack Chic or "Dack" Chic so we choose to keep the reception decor simple with just cedar wood slices & stands, antique bottles and wildflowers.

The escort cards were displayed in slices cut into cedar logs (made by my dad).

My dad made our wooden Mr & Mrs sign for the sweetheart table.

He also made our wooden cake stand - Kevin did help with this.

My mom even made fimo zipper-pulls in our wedding colors with our initials and wedding date for each guest.

Kevin and I are kinda obsessed with the band Phish so every table was a different Phish song (even the bar and the candy table).

For favors we had to do a candy table.  I love candy way too much!  It was such a hit... I wish I had an "after" photo because the table was destroyed by the end, haha.

(my parent's made the candy label stands and I made each candy label)

Our guest book was a photo of Kevin and I that my dad matted.  Each guest wrote us a little note.  It is now framed and hanging in our living room.  I love reading the notes every once in a while and being reminded of all the love that we felt on our wedding day.

You may have noticed that we our "wedding logo" in some of the photos.  From the moment we got engaged I knew I wanted my dad to do a watercolor of Kevin and I to use as our "wedding logo" on all the paper goods for the wedding.  I will treasure this watercolor forever.  It is exactly what I wanted and was the perfect way to tie all the pieces of our wedding together.

We collected or made every piece of decoration.  It was truly a group effort and I could not have done it all without my parents.  

Next up... the Reception.