Thursday, June 16, 2011

uh oh

I just can't seem to stop stumbling across the most amazing shoes...


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a weekend duffle

I am on the hunt for the perfect weekend duffle (that doesn't cost over $150) and I think I am getting closer and closer to finding it.  What do you think about this one?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

watch this!!!

Here is the music video my brother Merrick's band, Third Nature, just recorded on the John Lennon bus!

I am so proud of Merrick, Will and Tom!!!  I love you guys so much!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Phish at Bethel Woods was EPIC!

This Memorial Day weekend Kevin and I headed to Bethel, NY for 3 nights of Phish at Bethel Woods (the site of the original Woodstock).

We stayed at the most hilarious "country club" I have ever seen - Kutchers Country Club.  It was seriously straight out of the Shining.  I am pretty sure the place has not been touched/updated since maybe the 70s.  It smelled moldy and everything seemed a little damp - kinda gross I know.  They even have a "night club" called The Deep End where they have disco parties after midnight... hilarious.  We will definitely stay there again if Phish decides to play at Bethel Woods in the future!

The first night we met up with Merrick (my little brother for those of you that don't know him).  We headed into the venue with the massive crowd of people and picked a spot on the top right.  Bethel Woods is an incredible venue, almost like a SPAC on steroids.  
 (so many people!)
 It was such an amazing opening night and it makes me soooo happy that Merrick got to be there too (I love him so very much!)!!!

The second night we got to meet up with Ciccone and Kristen (YAY!!!!!!!)... oh man I love raging with these two.  
 Hightlight of the second night was definitely, without a doubt the Harry Hood and David Bowie they played in the second set.  They were only one song apart.  I about died.  My two favorite Phish songs of all time, in the same set, only one song apart... someone pinch me! 
On the third night we were joined my Merrick again and our two cousins Will and Will... bloodcouch!  I love seeing shows with my family, it is the best:)  We even did a little synchronized dancing, yay!  
 Third night highlight was the whole second set, it was out of control.  Phew every single song was amazing, love love loved it all.  Thank you Phish for giving us such a great three night run!!!
I know some people don't understand why we go see the same band so many times, but I absolutely love that Kevin and I get to do this together.  We love Phish so much and sharing that passion is the best.  We are really looking forward to our first Phish festival, Super Ball IX, on 4th of July weekend.  We will be joined by Shippy, YAY!!!  I will hit my 20th show in the middle of the festival, I can't wait for many many more shows to come!!! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

birthday wishlist

So it's my birthday this month.  Every year around this time I go through a "I don't want to celebrate my birthday and I don't want any presents" phase, it drives Kevin crazy.  He thinks its ridiculous that I'm not excited about my birthday and absolutely absurd that I don't want any presents.  I guess it's just that I don't really like to be the center of attention and I don't need people buying me stuff.  My sentiments usually change about a week before my birthday, I get excited and decide I want to celebrate.  Also, even though I say I don't want presents I think deep down I would be really bummed out if Kevin actually listened to me and didn't get me anything.  Soooo... I have decided to put together a little birthday wish list because I pretend shop for myself all the time so why not share my thoughts.

iPhone 4... I am really wanting to upgrade my current iPhone 3G but totally lack the funds even with the discount I would get renewing my ATT contract, oh well.


A weekend bag... I desperately need a cute weekend bag that can fit all the stuff I usually take on weekends away (I'm sick of lugging around multiple bags).

Cupcake fabric, love at first sight!


Shoes... shoes, shoes, shoes.  It's no secret that I am obsessed and I've had my eyes on these two pairs for a long time. 

(I can get this pair for 60% off right now too and I still haven't purchased them for myself... talk about self control!!!  **update: Kevin got me these Matt Bernson wedges for my birthday, yay!!!  Thank you Kevin!!!**)


I am sure I could come up with more things but I don't need to get carried away.  One thing I would really really really love is a new big camera with a badass lense that I can take on my honeymoon with Kevin.  I really need to start practicing with the one I have so I can take the best pictures possible come honeymoon time.  I love the camera I have but it doesn't have manual focus (the lense doesn't turn) so I can adjust the focus the way I would want to sometimes.  I really just need to sit down with a very patient camera guru who can show me all about my camera.

To be honest, even though I could pretend shop for myself all day long I have so much more fun buying presents for other people.  Even though my birthday is only two weeks away I am more excited about Kevin's birthday that won't happen for another 7 months (I want to make Kevin's first married birthday extra special:)

Oh well my birthday countdown is in full fource, eek!  It is my last "unmarried" birthday:)

Friday, June 3, 2011

rehearsal dinner dress

Wouldn't this be perfect as a rehearsal dinner dress???  BHLDN can do no wrong in my opinion!