Sunday, June 5, 2011

birthday wishlist

So it's my birthday this month.  Every year around this time I go through a "I don't want to celebrate my birthday and I don't want any presents" phase, it drives Kevin crazy.  He thinks its ridiculous that I'm not excited about my birthday and absolutely absurd that I don't want any presents.  I guess it's just that I don't really like to be the center of attention and I don't need people buying me stuff.  My sentiments usually change about a week before my birthday, I get excited and decide I want to celebrate.  Also, even though I say I don't want presents I think deep down I would be really bummed out if Kevin actually listened to me and didn't get me anything.  Soooo... I have decided to put together a little birthday wish list because I pretend shop for myself all the time so why not share my thoughts.

iPhone 4... I am really wanting to upgrade my current iPhone 3G but totally lack the funds even with the discount I would get renewing my ATT contract, oh well.


A weekend bag... I desperately need a cute weekend bag that can fit all the stuff I usually take on weekends away (I'm sick of lugging around multiple bags).

Cupcake fabric, love at first sight!


Shoes... shoes, shoes, shoes.  It's no secret that I am obsessed and I've had my eyes on these two pairs for a long time. 

(I can get this pair for 60% off right now too and I still haven't purchased them for myself... talk about self control!!!  **update: Kevin got me these Matt Bernson wedges for my birthday, yay!!!  Thank you Kevin!!!**)


I am sure I could come up with more things but I don't need to get carried away.  One thing I would really really really love is a new big camera with a badass lense that I can take on my honeymoon with Kevin.  I really need to start practicing with the one I have so I can take the best pictures possible come honeymoon time.  I love the camera I have but it doesn't have manual focus (the lense doesn't turn) so I can adjust the focus the way I would want to sometimes.  I really just need to sit down with a very patient camera guru who can show me all about my camera.

To be honest, even though I could pretend shop for myself all day long I have so much more fun buying presents for other people.  Even though my birthday is only two weeks away I am more excited about Kevin's birthday that won't happen for another 7 months (I want to make Kevin's first married birthday extra special:)

Oh well my birthday countdown is in full fource, eek!  It is my last "unmarried" birthday:)


CAB said...

wooo white iphone!! i love itttt- except it doesn't work in singapore :( BOO

miss ya! t-minus 10 days until birthday!! xoxo