Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wedding - Getting Ready

Let the wedding recap begin!  I am going to split this up into multiple posts to keep everyone sane.  We have had our wedding photos for a while now and I am so excited to share them.  So let's start with everyone getting ready.  There is a large house on one side of the Sagamore, the Villa Nirvana, that my family stayed in (Kevin's family stayed in another big house on the other side of the Sagamore).  Kevin spent the night before the wedding in a suite (which we spent our wedding night in as well) and got ready with his groomsmen there while I spent the night and got ready with my bridesmaids in the Villa. 

I was so relaxed the morning of the wedding.  My dad was the first person I saw when I came downstairs.  It was so special to have him be the first person I saw since he would be "giving me away" in only a few hours.

The whole morning was spent lounging around the house, watching everyone get their hair and makeup done, and trying to remember to eat something.  I felt like myself, just happy and content, no crazy nerves at all. 

I think I finally got some butterflies when I put my wedding dress on.  Ahhhh my wedding dress... my heavenly Alita Graham dress with the perfect amount of "princess pouf."  It just floated around me.  I felt so beautiful.

My BHLDN shoes.
My incredible purple necklace.

 Here are some photos of my hubby getting ready.  He looks so handsome!  I was told that they just hung out in the suite watching football and drinking beers... typical.

Next up... The First Look.


Ruby Girl said...

awww the photos are so lovely! i adore the bridesmaid dresses and the personalized hanger is so cute!! <3 www.rubygirlblog.com