Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wedding - The First Look

Originally Kevin didn't want to break tradition and see me before the wedding though I really wanted to do a first look.  Since he was letting me take charge of so much of the wedding I let go of my wish for the first look, but the more we started to plan the timeline of the day the more nervous I got about taking all our photos during the cocktail hour.  I voiced my concerns to Kevin and had him think about it.  In the end he agreed to do the first look.  I assured him that it would be such a special and private moment and wouldn't take away from the emotion of seeing me walk down the aisle.  (hehe bride wins!)

We did the first look behind the Villa Nirvana.  I had so many butterflies in my stomach walking down to see Kevin.  He said all he could hear was my dress swishing across the grass, haha.

I think the first thing out of my mouth when I saw Kevin was "Oh my god can you believe we are getting married today???"  After a whole year of planning there I was standing in front of my soon-to-be-husband in my wedding dress.  It was so surreal.  

We both thought it was really a special moment to see each other alone before the wedding chaos began.

Next up... Family and Wedding Party Portraits.