Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chef's Table at Le Cirque

A month ago Kevin and I have the best dinner we will probably ever have... seriously.  We got to sit at the Chef's Table at Le Cirque (thank you so much Albert!!!).  Sitting in the kitchen and watching all the action was quite an experience.  There was some yelling and some cursing... we found it all quite entertaining.  I quickly realized that I would have left in tears within 5 seconds of working there.  It is intense to say the least but it has to be to keep a fancy shmancy kitchen like that running smoothly. 

The Executive Sous Chef Andy Choi chose all the dishes we tasted.  We had 8 dinner tastings... a kumumoto oyster with champagne caviar, sliced raw tuna over a sesame cracker and guacamole, white truffle rissotto with shaved black truffle on top, halibut poached in coconut milk over pumpkin granola, duck breast with foie gras mousse, pork belly, veal and crispy sweetbreads.   The tuna and the rissotto were my favorites.

By the end of dinner I was soooo full, but as usual I had plenty of room in my "dessert stomach."  We had 5 dessert tastings... basil panacotta with carrot sorbet is not pictured but I got a picture of everything else.  I can't remember what everything was but I do remember that everything was absolutely delicious.

We are so lucky to have been able to eat at such an amazing restaurant! 


Anonymous said...

Wow, that food looks amazing! Lucky ducks!