Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the sagamore and our engagment story

Friday, September 17 was Kevin and my 4 year dating anniversary so we had planning a weekend away at the Sagamore on Lake George.  It was the first time we had ever gone away on vacation just the two of us.  I had been dying to get away with Kevin for a while so I was giddy with excitement when the day actually arrived.  

We hopped in our rented black Impala (baller I know) and off we went.  Phish provided us with an incredible driving soundtrack and got us super pumped for the weekend, haha.  We had to stop in Saratoga to get lunch at Romas - I don't think we will ever be able to drive anywhere near Saratoga without stopping.  My cousin Will goes to Skidmore so we also stopped by his house to visit - my other cousin Will was there as well which was great.  

After a short stay in Saratoga we got back in the car to drive the 40 minutes to the Sagamore.  Kevin and I had a great ride up, we laughed and acted silly.  I was joking that he would never propose to me and secretly he was laughing at how wrong I was.  We were both so excited to get to the Sagamore and start our romantic weekend together. 

We checked in, dropped the bags in the room and walked down to the water to look around (I think Kevin was scouting his proposal spot).  We stopped by the bar to have a glass of wine and a beer before we had to shower and change for dinner.  
 Kevin was dead set on going all the way down to the water before dinner to watch the sunset - I was joking that I was going to be wearing heels so I might not make it all the way.  At this point I wasn't suspecting anything because it didn't seem strange to me that Kevin would want to watch the sunset on our romantic weekend - it was our 4 year anniversary  so it was an important day.
We showered and changed for dinner.  I took the longest as usual.  Kevin kept looking outside checking on the status of the sunset and I could tell he was getting a little antsy.  I took my time (as usual) and we headed down to the water around 6:50pm.  With my camera in tow we walked down towards the dock.  Kevin seemed annoyed that there was a couple already down by the water which I thought was funny because it wasn't like we reserved the dock.
We took a couple pictures on the dock - the couple left, haha.  We were a little late for the sunset but it was still gorgeous.  I noticed that Kevin was being a little weird, he kept pacing and looking around but I still wasn't really suspecting anything.  Then Kevin suggested we take a picture together...
Then he took one of just me...
And then he told me to turn around so I did but there wasn't anything there.  I was confused so I turned back around to find Kevin on one knee with the most gorgeous ring in his hand.  I immediately got teary.  All I heard Kevin say was "Megan Whiting Noyes.................... marry me?"  I think I was in such shock that I blacked out for a second, haha.  Of course I said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't believe it.  I just kept staring at the ring and kissing Kevin.  I had been waiting for this day for so long and it finally arrived.  I was so shocked.  Kevin had been trying to get me to bring my phone with me but I refused thinking we were on a romantic vacation why would I need to call anyone, haha.  He let me use his phone to call Cobe (she had known for weeks and Kevin promised I would call when it happened) but she was on a plane so I couldn't reach her.  Then I tried my parents and I couldn't reach either of them!!!  My mother was in Maine with her phone off and my father was camping in a field with some students.  I thought it was pretty funny that this huge thing that just happened and I couldn't reach my parents!  Then we called Kevin's parents and I couldn't stop crying.  They were so excited for us and I just got overwhelmed with happiness to be officially joining such a great family.  

We went off to dinner and were on our phones texting people almost the entire time.   We couldn't resist sharing the good news with all our friends.  When we told Will and Jenna they were in Genesis and apparently the whole place went crazy.  Kevin and I feel so blessed to have such great friends that are so genuinely happy for us.  The staff at the Sagamore was so nice - they really made our stay special.  We got complimentary champagne with our dessert!
On Saturday we woke up, lounged in bed and waited for our breakfast to be delivered... yay breakfast in bed!  We decided we would spend the day leisurely hanging around exploring the Sagamore grounds and the town. 
 We found the most incredible antique store!
Kevin just had to check out the golf course - since it was our weekend he didn't actually play, how thoughtful!  I don't play golf but even I had to admit that it was a gorgeous course and looked like it would be really fun to play.
 When we got back to the Sagamore Kevin decided he wanted to try some fishing off the dock.  I was very happy to sit in a lounge chair and just stare at my fiance (eek I get excited just saying that word).  He caught three whole fish!!!  They were only little sunnies but I was still very proud of him.
After spending most of the day exploring Kevin and I needed a little pampering so I was off to get a facial and Kevin got a deep tissue massage, but not before we had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries!  Kevin's mother was kind enough to get the hotel to send us this little treat, it was the best surprise (Thank you Cyndi!).
We had forgotten to eat lunch so we immediately went to eat dinner after our pampering.  After dinner we decided to go relax in the bar and play bananagrams.  My dad introduced the game to Kevin and me when we were up at my house in Lakeville a few weekends earlier.  It is kinda like scrabble without a board - basically you both build your own crossword puzzles until all the pieces are gone (a person wins when he/she uses all his/her pieces and there aren't enough pieces for everyone to draw another).  
I didn't like my letters.
Yes, Kevin wins! (don't worry I won a game too)
Boo, I wanted to win too:(
Before we left on Sunday we made sure to take a picture in the spot where Kevin proposed.  I could not have asked for a better weekend.  I can't believe I get to marry the love of my life, how lucky am I?


Megan said...

Thank you so much! I couldn't be more excited. Congratulations to you and your fiance... I just looked at your blog and saw that we both got engaged on the 17th!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog randomly... but cannot wait to keep following it!! I got engaged 9 days ago and have had my sights set on the sagamore for our summer 2012 wedding! My parents live in Saratoga so I also love all your comments about that :)
Please keep posting about all your experiences so I know what to expect! Congrats!