Wednesday, September 15, 2010

stl meets nyc (named by kevin)

Every year in early September Kevin's friend Derek comes to visit from St. Louis.  Now I am not one who always enjoys house guests (I mean seriously I love you guys but only for a couple days...) but Derek really out does himself.  He is the most courteous and thoughtful house guest ever.  It is always a treat to have him come visit.

This year he brought his girlfriend Meredith (LOVED her).  It was her first time in New York, how exciting!  We had dinner with them Wednesday (mexican at Maz, yay margaritas) and on Thursday we took Derek out for his first real venture into sushi (thank God he liked it cuz a bad sushi experience would be no fun). 

On Saturday we met Derek and Meredith at.... wait for it... DYLANS CANDY BAR!!!  Ummmmm only like heaven on earth for me.  Please don't take me to a candy store because I go kinda crazy, ahhhh I love candy. 
 Even Kevin got candy which is so unlike him!
After the candy bar we headed down to explore Little Italy and Chinatown.  We had an amazing lunch in Little Italy... yay for pizza (smoked mozzarella, arugula and shaved parmesan, yes please).
 Then we traveled a block over to Chinatown, such a change of pace.  
(ahhh scary fish teeth!!!)
We ended their visit with a BBQ on our roof.  Too bad I didn't get any pictures.  Oops.  I seriously hope I don't have to wait another year to hang out with Derek and Meredith!