Sunday, July 4, 2010

summer challege - week 1

So this was not the stellar, motivating, euphoric first week that I was anticipating for the beginning of my summer challenge but you know I have to keep some perspective and remember that life isn't gonna just slow down so that I can only focus on getting myself in shape.  There will always be plans that involve eating food I shouldn't, there will always be something that makes getting to the gym a little difficult so the bigger part of this challenge is to make eating well and working out a priority that I can make work no matter what my schedule looks like.  I have also been sick and Kevin and I are in the middle of packing our apartment for the big move on Friday, ugh not fun!  Instead of being discouraged by the slow start to my challenge I am going to just focus on doing a better job for week 2.   So here is my week one summery:

Weight: 131 (ouch!)
Workouts: 1 
Food Journal: maintained 2 entries
Thought of the week: Change isn't easy!