Thursday, July 29, 2010

i feel like a jerk:(

I never thought anyone looked at my blog except my mom, Kevin's mom and a couple of my friends.  Yesterday while procrastinating at work I looked through my old blog posts and realized that there were comments on some of my posts.  I clicked on one and realized it was from a very very sweet woman I did not know... OMG someone who I don't even know is looking at my blog!?!?!  I got a little giddy and kept clicking on the comments.  Low and behold 5 people I have never met before had visited my blog and left lovely comments.  I felt like a celebrity for a few minutes and then I just started to feel like a jerk.  These people had taken time to look at my blog and leave a comment and I never ever responded.  What kinda of blogger am I?  I pride myself on being a thoughtful person and I disappointed myself.  

So for the 5 lovely woman who commented on my blog THANK YOU!  You kind words really brightened my day.  I have become a follower of each of your blogs and I can't wait to read about all your upcoming adventures and styling escapades.  Everyone should check out their blogs...
Schoolmarm Style 
The Joy of Fashion 
The Polished Pickle
I promise to be a better, more thoughtful blogger!