Monday, February 21, 2011

saratoga for the weekend

This past weekend Kevin and I headed up to Saratoga Springs for the weekend.  The purpose of our trip was to do a walk through at the Sagamore of the spaces we will be using for our wedding and to meet with our day-of-wedding coordinator.  

Friday we left the city and started our drive to the Sagamore.  We HAD to stop in Saratoga for Italian subs from Romas!  

We ate them in the car because we didn't have much time before we had to get to the Sagamore.  Oh my goodness they were sooooo good!!!  I seriously could eat one every day, hehe.  I'll admit that Kevin and I split another one on Saturday, we couldn't help ourselves.

Then we drove to the Sagamore and had a great walk through.  It definitely made me feel as though I have a much better grasp on all the decisions need to be made.  There is definitely a lot of work to be done but I am so excited about everything.  It was also really wonderful to meet Katelyn, our day-of-wedding coordintor, in person for the first time.  She is going to make our wedding come together so smoothly!  I cannot wait to start visiting fabric stores and crafting up a store, yay!!

Friday night Kevin and I had a 7:30 pm reservation at the Mouzon House.  Oh man was I ever excited for this!  Kevin and I discovered this restaurant after we graduated (*tear*).  It is a french creole restaurant that uses many local ingredients.  Their crawfish bignets are to die for!  We had a great bottle of red wine and ate honestly the most amazing food I have ever had at the most romantic table.  

After dinner we decided that we would do our own little drinking tour of all the old places we used to hang out.  We started at the Parting Glass (an Irish Pub) for a couple pints.  There was a great Irish band playing.

Second stop was Gaffneys.  We had some beer, chatted up with some locals.  

Our next stop was going to be Peabody's for a long island ice tea (I always used to have them there during the Saturday night dance parties) but they were closed, boo.  So then we headed to Desperate Annie's.  Our whole gang used to go to DA's every weekend.  It was our favorite bar.  We knew everyone that worked there.  Kevin and I were really hoping that everyone we used to know would still be working there and wouldn't you know it they still do!  They were all so happy to hear that we are getting married.  We ended our tour back at Gaffneys for one last beer and a royal flush shot.  After that we stopped at Esperantos for a late night slice of pizza, yummy yummy.  The whole night was a great success, we just wish we could have had a big group of our Skidmore friends there to join us.

Saturday (and night) our plan was to hang our with Merrick, my cousins Will and Will, and Tom at Will and Tom's house on Avery Street.  We went over to their house around 4:15pm to see everyone.  Kevin and I had made plans to take Merrick out for a belated birthday dinner so while the rest of the group headed out to dinner we headed to Hibachi.  After Hibachi we went back to Will and Tom's house to play some beirut.  Of course I didn't take any photos because I can be such a camera loser sometimes.  We had so much fun!  There was lots of synchronized dance moves!  It was seriously the best time.

Sunday we all went to The Kettle Restaurant for breakfast.  Kevin and I didn't know the Kettle existed while we went to school at Skidmore, such a bummer.  It is a great diner about 10 minutes outside of downtown Saratoga, a hidden gem.  It was such a great trip and I am anxiously awaiting our next excuse to head up there:)


Merrick Wine Tours said...

Romas subs are fantastic. I hope you had a great time in Saratoga. Good luck with the wedding! Cheers!