Tuesday, February 15, 2011

love of my life

I couldn't think of anything to get Kevin for Valentine's Day this year, but then I thought I don't have to get him anything, there are plenty of other ways to show him how much I love him.  So I decided it would be the perfect time for me to participate in an amazing project that Jen's husband Kevin started for her last Valentine's Day.  The project, Love Of My Life, gives people all over the world an opportunity to proclaim their love to their special someone.  To participate all you have to do is print out the "Love of my Life" flyer, take a picture of it somewhere meaningful and then upload it to the website and show it to the love of your life.  Here is the photo that I uploaded for Kevin:)

I thought it was a special and unique way to show Kevin how much he means to me.  Kevin Andrew Fournie is the Love Of My Life!  I cannot wait for September 17, 2011 when we will become husband and wife:)


CAB said...

need recipe for that AMAZING looking chicken, please post or email! xox

CAB said...

ps you are adorable!! looks like you had a GREAT valentines day!