Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Kevin and I just had the most delicious Valentine's Day dinner.  We made a trusted recipe: parmesan crusted chicken and green beans.  We also made a little Rice-O-Roni for Kevin because he loves his rice.  The parm crusted chicken recipe calls for fresh thyme which I couldn't find in the couple grocery stores I went to so I asked Kevin to pick some up on his way home.  Unfortunately it turned into a crazy thyme hunt for him - he had to go to 5 grocery stores before he found it.  Even though he wasn't very happy about having to walk all over the place to find thyme he came home with flowers, wine and almond/dark chocolate cookies for me - aren't I such a lucky girl?!
When he got back we finished making dinner and I set the coffee table so we could make dinner feel a little more special.  I cannot wait till we move to an apartment with enough space for a dining room table.  Hopefully next year I will be able to set a dining room table for an extra special (and first MARRIED) Valentine's Day dinner.  
I think our set up for this year was pretty cute and dinner was absolutely delicious!  Hmmm parmesan crusted chicken is sooooo good!!
 These are cute little hearts I cut from solo cups (classy I know) for a little Valentine's Day present I will tell you about tomorrow.
Earlier today I made Valentine's Day cupcakes and delivered them to Kevin's office.  I didn't think there would be any extras but there were so Kevin brought them home so we could have them for dessert.  Cupcakes make me one happy lady:)
 It was a perfect homemade Valentine's Day with my lovie!

Last night we went out to a super nice dinner at Park Avenue Winter, an amazing restaurant that changes its menu and decor for each season.   How lucky am I to have gotten a fancy dinner out and a delicious dinner in with my love for Valentine's Day?!?!?