Tuesday, December 7, 2010

wedding decor inspiration

I have been a little quiet so far this December so what better way to break the silence than with a little wedding decor inspiration.  I spend most of my time dreaming about what I think our wedding will look like and I am constantly pouring over wedding blogs and wedding magazines to find more details that go along with the overall look I am trying to achieve.  

I would say that the theme of our wedding is "simple country elegance with a fall twist."  Haha does that make sense?  I grew up in the country and Kevin has spent a lot of time at his family's house in Montana so having a more rustic feeling wedding was important to us - well important to me anyway and I think he is just going with the flow.  We are getting married in September so I want to incorporate the feeling of New England fall as much as possible.  Here are a couple pictures that I find particularly inspiring.  

Ceremony decor:

I really love the idea of adding pumpkins and gourds!
Reception decor:
We are going to use lots and lots of dahlias that my parents will grow!
I want to use as many natural elements that I can.
Paper goods:
Overall atmosphere:

Kevin and I have not had a chance to walk through the reception site so I haven't been able to make many solid plans about how I was to decorate it or how much I have to decorate it.  I have planned the ceremony decoration but probably won't make too many solid reception decoration plans until the spring.  Luckily we still have about 9 months till the wedding so I am not feeling stressed... yet:)

I took all this photos off the internet and have had them in a my wedding inspiration folder for ages so sadly I have no idea what wedding blog each of these came from... is it against blogging code for me to use them?  I promise I mean no harm and do not want to upset anyone.  If you see an image that belongs to you please let me know and I will either take it down or credit it accordingly.  I believe all these images came from one of these wedding blogs:  
Style Me Pretty or Once Wed or Snippet and Ink or Green Wedding Shoes or 100 Layer Cake


Anonymous said...

It's going to be beautiful! Can't wait! :)

Holly said...

Very pretty! It's going to be a gorgeous wedding :)

Megan said...

Awww thanks ladies! I am getting so excited about it but also feeling kinda stressed because even though I have lots of great ideas I am not quite sure how it will all come together in the end, yikes.