Tuesday, December 14, 2010

it's that itch again

Uh oh.  It's that itch again.  That tattoo itch.  I want another one.  No wait I want two more.  Hmmm maybe three... 

I love tattoos, absolutely love them.  Kevin on the other hand isn't as into them as I am.  He likes the tattoos I have now and was so supportive about my big bluebird tattoo (even though he was a little nervous about it), but he doesn't want me to be covered in tattoos.  While I am a firm believer in getting a tattoo for yourself and not letting other people's opinions influence you I have to respect the way Kevin feels.  Even though it is MY body I do share it with him and he has to see it everyday.  I would never want it to be hard for him to look at me.  So while I would rush out there and get the tattoos I want I think I have to run them by him first and get him on board.

Hmmm I wonder how he will feel about me getting tattooed again before we get married...

Update: Kevin was not very pleased when he read this post.  I had to assure him that I am not making plans for any big tattoos.  I only have a couple small tattoo ideas.