Friday, December 10, 2010

present dilemma

So I have been dating Kevin for over 4 years which means we have spent approximately 15 "present giving" holidays together.  That would be Christmas, Valentine's Day, his birthday and our dating anniversary to be exact.  You would think that after all that time I would have gotten pretty good at figuring out what to get Kevin but the sad truth is that I have not.  Every time one of these "present giving" holidays approaches I start to panic.  You see I am at a major disadvantage here because Kevin gets me amazing presents.  Well really he cheats because he works at a sapphire company so he has endless amounts of sparkly goodies at his fingertips.  I guess that really isn't cheating but it sure makes it easy to get a kick-ass last minute present.  Even when he doesn't get me something sparkly he always gets me something I have been wanting for a while.  I like to think that I make it pretty easy for him because I talk about things I want alllllll the time, haha.  Soooo, in order to help myself be more prepared with present ideas I have started a little note in my phone where I can jot down ideas whenever they pop in my head.  So far there is nothing exciting on that list, just three pretty lame ideas.  Ugh, this is so hard.  Why can I rattle off at least 10 awesome things that I would want as a present but I can't even come up with 3 good ideas for the love of my life.  Does anyone else have this dilemma?  It seems I'm not engaged to a person who actively wants things and vocalizes it.  He is also the kind of person who will just buy himself something if he really wants it.  Oh well.

This year I got Kevin a pretty nice Christmas present.  No, I did not come up with the idea on my own.  He told me what he wanted so I can't really take credit for it.  There will be no surprises when he opens his present this Christmas but at least I know he will like it... he better like it!  Now I just have to start thinking of the perfect birthday present.  Did I mention that his birthday is January 13?!?!?!  Only 19 days between 2 "present giving" holidays, yikes!!!

p.s. I think the best present I have ever given Kevin was on our 1 year dating anniversary.  I adopted him a pygmy elephant from the World Wildlife Foundation.  He was really surprised and so excited.  We have a picture of the cute little guy sitting on our bookshelf.  Whenever someone asks about it Kevin proudly tells them that it is his PET PYGMY ELEPHANT.  Too cute!!!


ashmastandrea said...

Aww! That's cute about the elephant! haha!

I feel like I'll be stumped on what to get someone...then once I get started, I can't stop thinking of ideas! haha! I overdid it for Zach this year...already...

I can only imagine Kevin is hard to buy for...hmmm

A coffee table book is always nice, I've always wanted to try a cooking class...I'm sure there are a ton in NYC (does he like to cook?), man things like cuff links, ties, a money clip, fancy pen...maybe even engraved?!

I'm sure he'll love whatever you get him!

Megan said...

I came up with the best idea for him when I was looking through a wedding magazine... a remote control beer cooler that will "deliver" beers to him!!! He is going to love it. I am going to get that for his birthday.

I find that I always come up with great presents during the year and then draw a total blank when the actual holiday arrives. I am hoping that keeping track of my thoughts in my phone will help.

Those are all great suggestions! Kevin LOVES to cook and his parents have gotten us a cooking class every Christmas so I am thinking maybe a wine class would be fun. Oooo I will write that down:)

Don't you just love buying people presents? I wish I had tons of money so I could buy people everything they want!