Thursday, June 3, 2010

risa is the best.

I have been blessed with some amazingly talented friends.  My friend Risa from Skidmore is one of the most talented girlies I know.  We became close friends our junior year and lived together our senior year, so much fun!  She spent a ton of her time in the art studio creating her unbelievable paintings.  She moved home to the Philippines after we graduated and has continued to paint... she has had some super badass gallery openings and sold a lot of her work.  I am so proud of her!!!  

Of course being so talented she just had to make some jewelry for her friend's clothing line and guess what... her jewelry is out of this world.  The moment I saw the pieces I knew I had to have some.  When the opportunity arrived to get some I immediately placed an order for four necklaces.  I love each one and it feels so cool to wear such unique, beautiful jewelry that a friend made.  

Here is the Summer in Santa Fe necklace. I think I would call it rocker chic...  it is effortlessly feminine and edgy at the same time.
 I will be posting outfit shots with each necklace over the next few weeks I promise.