Tuesday, June 29, 2010

good old phamily phun!

On Saturday (6/19) morning Kevin, Alex, Max and I loaded up our rented Chevy Traverse and hit the road for SARATOGA!!!  I have to say that Saratoga Springs, NY might be one of the greatest places I have ever been/lived.  Since graduating from Skidmore in 2007 I haven't been back nearly as much as I would like and I am hoping that will change over the next few years.  We got to stay in Northwoods (the new on-campus apartments that we lived in our senior year) and even had to get our own keycards made, hahaha.
Kevin and I absolutely LOVE Phish.  It is so much fun to love Phish the way Kevin does and be able to share the same excitement at every show we see together.  Last year we saw 7 shows together, it was amazing.  The two we the weekend before last brought me to 11 shows total and Kevin to 14 shows total.  We rode over to each show in a trolley, isn't she a beaut!
 Both the shows were AWESOME!!!
It was such an amazing weekend and I am so happy that I got to spend my birthday weekend with my phamily and phriends!!!  Thank you to everyone who made my birthday weekend so special.
Can't get enough good old phamily phun!