Monday, March 22, 2010

go blues.

On Thursday I went to my first NHL game with Kevin, Ingram and Beth: St. Louis Blues vs. the New York Rangers. Ingram is a Rangers fan and Kevin is obviously a Blues fan (he kept his mouth shut most of the game, haha). We sat up in the 400’s surrounded by tons of die hard Rangers fans, such a hilarious atmosphere! It was pretty obvious that all those people go to every game and all know each other. We have decided to make the Blues vs. Rangers game a yearly tradition – I am already excited for next year!

Guess what… Blues won!

Side note: Kevin took me to my first NFL game about two years ago – my first professional sporting event ever (I still have the ticket). He gets so excited when he can share his love of sports with me and I must say that I really love going to games with him, watching them on TV can get a little tiring, but I do my best:)