Tuesday, November 2, 2010

wedding venue... check!

I realized that I have been pretty quiet about wedding stuff since I announced that Kevin and I are engaged, hence the wedding date post earlier.  We have booked our venue for the ceremony and reception -the Sagamore on Lake George!  Having that booked really is such a relief.  Kevin and I had already discussed getting married at the Sagamore before we were engaged so when we got engaged there we knew it was the place we wanted to get married at.  It has everything we were looking for in a venue.  It is in the Adirondacks, the scenery is gorgeous, we can have an outdoor ceremony and there are plenty of activities to keep guests entertained.  
Here is the ceremony site:
Isn't it gorgeous!  I love that we can be married outside with Lake George in the background... the weather better cooperate (fingers crossed!).

The reception will be held on the Shelving Rock Terrace... I didn't get any pictures of it when we were there and there aren't many good pictures online so I will just let you all imagine how glorious it looks, haha.

A major bonus in choosing the Sagamore is that the food, booze, tables + chairs, linens and a wedding cake are all included in the package!  It is so nice to not have to search around for a caterer or find someone to rent chairs from.  I am all for finding the simplest ways to accomplish stuff for this wedding.  It is so easy to give yourself too many decisions to make. 

Kevin and I will be making a couple more trips up to the Sagamore before our big day to get a better idea of what everything looks like/how our day will pan out.  I am not complaining at all:)

So there you go... wedding ceremony and reception venue booked, check!