Monday, November 8, 2010

let's go blues

Last March Kevin, Chris, Beth and I started a little tradition of going to the Rangers vs. Blues hockey game at Madison Square Garden.  Kevin bought the tickets this time around and they accidentally got sent to his house in St. Louis.  His dad opened the package and saw how "crappy" our seats were so he then asked his friend (a former Blues player) to hook us up with better seats... boy did he deliver.  We sat in section 133 behind the net!  It is so incredible to see a hockey game from that close, the players are huge!
Guess what... the Blues won!!!  They also won the last game we went to see.  It seems Kevin and I are bad luck for the Rangers, hehe.
 After the game was over we hopped down to boards to get a look at the rink from up close... it would be amazing to see a game from these seats.

Woot woot I can't wait for the next game!