Saturday, November 20, 2010

project eyebrows

Christine from My Style Pill and Keiko from Keiko Lynn have both recently done posts (here and here) about the magical Anjali at Shobha.  I have not had anyone other than myself touch my eyebrows since I was probably 14 or 15.  Since then I have been plucking away at them and failing to make myself happy with their appearance.  I have very thick and very dark eyebrows that I simply cannot tame on my own.  

After reading Christine and Keiko's posts about their eyebrow threading experience with Anjali I decided I should give it a try.  I have known about threading for a while but never really understood how it worked.  I am also always scared to let someone do something dramatic to my face if I do not have 100% confidence that they will do an amazing job (I feel the same way about my hair which is why I have only gotten my haircut from Maria in my hometown for the past 7 years), but Christine and Keiko's rave reviews made me give in. 

I had my appointment Wednesday night and it went so well.  Anjali is the sweetest woman and seriously an eyebrow guru.  We started the appointment by talking about what I want my brows to look like and what they should look like.  Just as I had suspected I had been plucking them too far in and making my brows look too sharp.  We really don't need to draw any extra attention to my brows which was all I was doing with my plucking, oops.  After the initial discussion she got to work trimming and threading away.  I have to admit that it did hurt a little but certainly nothing that I couldn't handle, especially after my big tattoo experience.  

Once she was done I was shocked at how great my brows looked.  She achieved something I never could have on my own.  Of course when I got home Kevin couldn't really tell that there was a difference, tisk tisk boys are so unobservant.  Here is a little photo comparison:

 (I apologize for the subpar pictures)

I think it is pretty obvious that there is a difference but maybe that is because I stare at my face everyday.  Can you tell a difference?

Now begins "project eyebrows," yipee!  I will be going back to see Anjali about once a month over the next few months as we work on lengthening my brows and creating a more dramatic arch.  I am so thrilled that I will have perfect eyebrows for my wedding day:)

Anyone who is considering getting their eyebrows threaded should definitely go to Anjali, you won't regret it!


Anonymous said...

ummmm...yeah you can tell the difference! eyebrows are so hard to do yourself! can't wait to see how the next few months go! :)

Holly said...

I've never gotten my eyebrows done by anyone else either. Maybe I should consider it. Not sure I want to find out how bad my plucking job is...haha!

St├ęphanie said...

Lovely !