Monday, November 8, 2010

a family weekend

This weekend Kevin's parents and my parents came to visit us.  It was the first time our parents have seen each other since Kevin and I graduated in 2007.  We had a wonderful weekend full of eating, eating and more eating along with some walking, museum exploring and marathon cheering.  Oh and we discussed the wedding a little, haha.  

Overall it was a wonderful weekend.  I always love to spend time with my parents and my soon-to-be inlaws.  Both sets of parents got along so well!  I am so lucky to have the most amazing family and to be be joining another wonderful family:)

Of course I didn't bring along my camera for almost the entire weekend, silly me but my dad did snap a couple shots of me with my two mamas at Genesis.  Marty and Mark got both mamas flowers, they are so beautiful!
 We even took some "girly" shots, yum:)
I really wish I had gotten a picture of all of us together, oh well I will just have to do it next time.