Wednesday, August 11, 2010

family dinner.

On Sunday night Kevin and I had our first family dinner in our new apartment.   I have to clarify that by "first family dinner" I mean that it was the first dinner Kevin and I cooked together and ate together, just the two of us, in our new apartment (and yes Kevin and I are a family).  Kevin grilled for us and we ate out on the roof deck on our new table.  This rood deck is the main reason we moved to this apartment and sitting outside in our own space eating a meal that we grilled is awesome!
Kevin really loves the new electric grill.


Shore Things said...

Great post, Megan! Looks like ya got a great place there ... are you still on the Upper East Side? Need the name of that grill -- looks nicely small and efficient. May the new place bring you joy!

Megan said...

Hi! Yes we are still on the Upper East Side (on 83 and 1). The grill is pretty amazing, Kevin is so pleased. It is a Charbroil electric grill, Kevin knows the details:)

Lisa said...

I love the space on the roof!! when it gets warm out... we're coming over for a dinner on the roof!!!:)