Tuesday, November 15, 2011


A couple weeks ago Kevin, Erika and I went to a GWAR concert at Irving Plaza.  We went purely for the entertainment factor... not the music... I just want to make that clear (I am not a heavy metal fan).

Who is GWAR you ask???  Well GWAR is a heavy metal band that got together in 1984... they dress up in elaborate sci-fi costumes and sing obscene lyrics... they often put on pretty graphic performances.

 I could not understand a single word that was said during the whole show... it just sounded like a bunch of screaming to me.  I guess it's probably good that I didn't understand any of the lyrics since they are supposed to be pretty inappropriate.  Wholesome right?

Well it was entertaining and a little scary, but being sprayed with fake blood was pretty cool.

Bottom line, the night was a blast and definitely a fun experience to have under my belt... I mean how many times do I get to pretend to be badass and get sprayed with fake blood???  But, once is enough for me.

Here is Kevin's shirt post concert... this was his undershirt.


CINDY NGO said...

wow... fake blood? sounds creepy! but glad you had a great time! that's all that matters. hehe

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cindy - design3rd

skippysays said...

I'm not a heavy metal fan either, but that sounds like it'd be a fun ting to do once!

Aya Smith said...

I can rarely understand what's said at shows and concerts! LOL, but it's still always such fun... I married my first date to my first concert and have had equally cherished memories at following concerts! :)

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi