Thursday, April 21, 2011

so many changes!

Phew I haven't written a blog post in AGES!!!  I have been such a slacker but I promise to get back to writing more consistent posts.  A lot has happened in the past few weeks so here is a little breakdown/update:

1. We moved!  In the midst of our leaking ceiling/toxic mold problem in the old place Kevin and I reached our wits end.  No matter what changed in the old place we weren't gonna be able to relax and enjoy being there.  We were SO OVER the place!  Receiving confirmation that there was indeed toxic mold in the apartment led us to look for a new place to live.  We found a great 2 bed/2 bath apartment on the 15th floor of a nice doorman building.  We LOVE our new place, love love love!!!  I am still working on unpacking and have been making a lot of progress.  I am waiting to get some new furniture (a dining room table + chairs, a futon, another tv stand and a small coffee table) and hanging all the artwork until Kevin gets back* in a couple weeks, but it is already really coming together.  Oh man do I ever love this apartment!!!
(balcony facing south)
(master bedroom)

2. I got a job!!!  Hallelujah!!!  Even though I was enjoying being at home and working on wedding stuff I was also really starting to STRESS out about not having a job.  Watching your bank account get lower and lower is a good way to get your blood pressure up.  I am now the receptionist/administrative assistant at Alcon Builders Group (general contractors).  I sit at the front desk, answer the phones, type/print/send/file all requests for change order, change orders and purchase orders, and basically just do anything else that is needed.  So far I am really enjoying it and finally getting a paycheck again is pretty awesome. 

3. Kevin won the "Potato Cookoff" with his "Big Kev's cheesy balls!"  I know I have blogged a couple times about the food cookoffs that Kevin and I participate in (well Kevin submits an entry and I make cupcakes) and the "potato cookoff" was the 6th one we have done.  Kevin has placed no higher then 2nd in previous cook-offs and was determined to win this time around.  He concocted an original cheese stuffed deep fried hashbrown ball recipe for the competition.  He mixed hashbrowns with chopped onion, seasonings, flour, egg and breadcrumbs, formed a half-ball in his hand, stuffed it with shredded cheddar/gruyere cheese, added more hashbrown mixture to make a ball and deep fried it.  They were DELICIOUS! 

4. Primal update: well I started off great and for two whole weeks I didn't have any grains, dairy or sugars (well I probably had a little sugar but not intentionally).  Then I let it slide for my "I just got a job" celebration dinner and again on my friend's birthday night.  Those two days of cheating ruined me and I just couldn't get back on track.  I just kept letting myself cheat.  Thankfully I haven't gotten too down on myself.  I am starting again tomorrow morning!  Yes, tomorrow morning and I plan on kicking ass!  I am making a small adjustment and allowing myself to take a more 80/20 or 90/10 approach so that I will have a little more leeway.  I also want to extend this challenge till our wedding and hopefully beyond that.  Wish me luck!

Now that the weather is getting a little warmer I will have more fun adventures to blog about and I will definitely be taking more pictures.  Yay for spring!

*Kevin left Sunday night for a business trip in Sri Lanka and won't be back till April 29.  I miss him so much already and cannot wait for him to safely get home.