Friday, October 8, 2010

a secret i cannot share (yet)

This weekend was really great.  The weather was so nice - finally we got some fall weather!  I also go to spend time with some of my favorite girls. 

Saturday morning I got up bright and early to head to Brooklyn so I could have brunch with Marissa.  It was really great to see her, I hadn't seen her since before I got engaged - way too long!!!  We ate a lovely brunch at Teddy's.  I had the most sugary coconut crusted french toast, yum!  After brunch we had to stop at the Van Leewan ice cream truck:)  My friend Mark from Skidmore was working the truck (I also went to school with Ben Van Leewan - yeah I'm pretty cool).  We got a medium cup of mint chocolate chip to share.  OMG it was heavenly, not that I needed more sugar after brunch, haha.  It was my first time trying Van Leewan ice cream and I am pretty sure I will never be able to pass the truck without getting ice cream ever again.
 On our walk to my "secret project" Marissa snapped a few outfit shots of me.

I tried to look as "Brooklyn" as possible, hahahaha.
Here is where I have to stop this story of the rest of the afternoon or else I will give away the secret I am not allowed to share yet.  Don't worry I will spill the beans on Sunday evening. 
On Sunday morning I had brunch with Lauren (my New Zealand roommate) and Beth (another New Zealand friend) in the West Village.  I swung by Lauren's apartment to see her new place, loved it!  She lives in such a great location.  Then we met up with Beth and headed the The Grey Dog.  We hadn't gotten together since April when Dave (another New Zealand friend) visited NY. 

It was a very jam packed weekend and I literally didn't get to sit on the couch and fully relax once (this may also have to do with the fact that I cannot lean my back against anything at the moment, haha).  This coming weekend I am going home and the next weekend we have plans both days, busy busy.  I swear October will be over before I know it.