Tuesday, October 19, 2010

apple picking

On Saturday morning Will, Jenna, Kevin and I hopped in Will's zip car and headed to Chester, NJ to pick apples and eat some yummy apple goodies.  First stop: Riamede Farm.  We got our apple bags and headed out into the orchard.  There were a million kinds of apples and we had filled up a good amount of our bags within like 5 minutes. Kevin was like a kid in a candy store... we kept losing him because he would get distracted by a new tree with apples.  Kevin and I went a little overboard with out apple picking and ended up with about 40 pounds... I will be making apple products all week (I made applesauce last night and it is DELICIOUS!).
Second Stop: Hacklebarney Farm Cider Mill.  Here we has cider hot dogs... yes I wrote cider hotdogs, apparently they are cooked in apple cider... delicious!  Everyone except me had the cider baked beans though I did try them and they were really good.  We also had to pick up cider doughnuts... it is against the law to go apple picking and not come home with cider doughnuts, well its my law anyway.  We got 2 dozen... 2 dozen?  I don't know what we were thinking... I can't have that many doughnuts sitting around or I will eat them all!  I sent a huge bag to work with Kevin today, haha.
Side note: on our way to pick up the zip car we came across a small apartment building on FIRE!  I have never seen anything like it.  We got there right as they were calling 911 before all the firetrucks arrived.  There was smoke coming out of every window and the roof.  We saw huge flames in a second story apartment, the glass in the window shattered down onto the street.  I am pretty sure we saw the young guy who's apartment was up in flames... he was really upset.  Kevin was dying to stay and watch the whole thing but we had to drag him away.