Tuesday, April 27, 2010

meet kaje and vader.

This past weekend Kevin and I went up to Lakeville to hang at home with my parents. Saturday was absolutely gorgeous! Kevin and my dad went off to play 18 holes of golf which ended up being only 12. While the boys were playing my mom and I ran errands, watched some ultimate frisbee and got yummy sandwiches for everyone. Saturday evening we watched the boys varsity lacrosse game under the lights... unfortunately Hotchkiss got destroyed by Salisbury, oh well. It is always nice and relaxing to be at home with my parents. I am so looking forward to many summer weekends in Lakeville with my whole family:)

I have to show these great pictures of Kaje and Vader. I got them with Sarah right after graduating college and then my parents adopted them. They LOVE living with my parents, especially in the summer at the mountain house when they can roam around in the woods.

Here is fattie Vader.
This is where he hides so Pula won't chase him.
Kaje is a skinny boy.
My dad took me out to the farm to gather some kale for dinner so we had to snap a couple shots. Me with no make-up is not a good idea.
My serious diet and workout plan starts TOMORROW... I promise!