Friday, October 7, 2011

the st. louis arch

Next stop after the zoo on that super hot day was the Arch.

Kevin is so small... can you see him? 

Did you know that the Arch is as wide at the base as it is tall?  Pretty cool.

We went all the way up to the top.  Getting up there isn't exactly comfortable and not for anyone who is at all claustrophobic!  You sit in a little egg that barely fits 5 people and take a bumpy ride up to the top... very slowly.  Apparently people got stuck in there a couple weeks before we went - thank goodness that didn't happen to us!  Oh look it's the Cardinals! 

2 comments: said...

i NEED to go up in the arch!

I've been more than 2 years and have never done it...Zach's been here his whole life and hasn't either! We are losers!

Megan said...

Haha you guys are total losers! Get your butts to the Arch!!! xoxoxo