Wednesday, January 12, 2011

montana for christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  This year I decided not to stay home with my family and instead to travel to the snowy land of Big Sky, Montana to spend the holiday with Kevin's Family.  The last time I spent Christmas with Kevin's family was in 2007 so it was about time I made the trip out there again.  This Christmas was extra special because we got to meet Henry (our nephew) for the very first time.  The trip was filled with many fires in the fireplace, the best breakfasts ever (thank you big Tom!), my first deep-fried turkey, skiing, yummy beer (and cheap beer too - NYC prices are so inflated), a professional photo shoot, hunting for a 14 foot Christmas tree in 3 feet of snow, snowshoeing for the first time, seeing a moose, seeing big horned sheep and elk, opening endless amounts of presents and lots of love.  I am really looking forward to my next trip out there.

Unfortunately I was a total loser and didn't take any photos.  I really need to step up my photo taking in 2011.  Here are a couple of the very few photos I did take.  
Isn't Montana beautiful?