Friday, January 7, 2011

a little new year's run with Phish

Kevin and I rang in the new year with a Phish's 3 night New Year's Run.  It was AMAZING!  We returned from a great week in Montana and went straight to the first show, well not before we dropped our bags off at home.  Each night we started at Foley's, a bar on 33 St b/w 5 and 6 avenues.  Our friend Mike, we know him from Genesis, is the manager there.  The whole routine felt so silly by the third night, total deja vu.  

The first night was incredible.  We didn't think it could get any better but trust me it did:)  Some highlights include (ummm everything, haha) Citites, Halley's Comet, Maze, Golgi Apparatus, Theme From The Bottom and Tweezer + Tweezer Reprise.
 The second night was New Years and boy what a show it was, eep I still get giddy just thinking about it.  Highlights were... the incredible Meatstick to ring in the New Year!!!  They brought 50 Broadway dancers, dressed in clothing from around the world, to do the meatstick dance on stage.  With all the people on stage I didn't even realize that Phish had left stage until there was a huge cloud of smoke just below us to the left and Phish came riding out above the crowd in a giant hotdog while red "meatstick" balloons rained from the ceiling... ummmm AMAZING.  They borrowed the hotdog from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for the show.
Other highlights were teasing Auld Land Syne during Ocelot (first set), First Tube encore, Ghost, Weigh, Piper, Free, Slave to the Traffic Light... I could list every song from the show haha.
The third night I couldn't believe we were actually going to a Phish concert again.  This night felt more mellow probably because we were pretty tired.  Phish certainly didn't go easy on the last night.  They played so many amazing songs!  Highlights include Tube, Divided Sky, Reba, Crosseyed and Painless, Makisupa Policeman, David Bowie and the Fee and Frankenstein encore.  
I am so bummed that it is over and cannot wait for Phish to announce their next tour.  We will be there!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering what was going on when we listened to the show! SO COOL! :) Thanks for sharing!

CAB said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to my favorite blogger and best friend!!