Thursday, May 27, 2010

ain't no party like a HoodHouse party.

Last Friday night Claudia and I decided to go to the HoodHouse party.  Let me start with a little background... the HoodHouse is where Shamir, Spencer and Ian live (Claudia and I went to Hotchkiss with them) and it was Spencer's birthday on Friday so they threw a little party.  Claudia and I got together at my apartment to get dressed, eat some pizza and drink some wine before heading to Harlem.  I had her take a couple outfit shots of me in my new dress.
 Dress: Eight Sixty
Belt: Housing Works thrift store
Shoes: Steve Madden
She even let me get a shot of her. (I have to go her outfit details so I have add them)
Then we did one together:)
The party was such a blast and we got to see so many Hotchkiss people!  I am so happy we went... we got to dance dance dance.  

 It was such a great night and I even got to have a sleepover with Claudia because it was the last night before Kevin returned - Yay for girlie sleepovers!